who am I?

Mr. Fabrizio Marcolongo graduated on Medicine in 1987 and on Psychiatry and Psychotherapy in 1993 In Genoa – Italy. He attended at the Kresge College, classes on Neuro Linguistic Programming at UCSC – Santa Cruz University of California and recognized Trainer in Neuro linguistic Programming from 2005. He also graduated in Italy as NLP Systemic Counselor. He was on H.M.S. in U.K. as Learning Disabilities Consultant at NHS Calderstones Foundation Trust at Whalley – Lancashire. Since 1989 he had been working at several Mental Health Trust in Italy. Since October 2016 He has been working at an Outpatient Service of Caluso (TO) of Turin  area, and He is practicing as a Professional in Private Surgery approved by Mental Health Trust ASLTO4, at the small village of Caluso at northwest of Piedmont Countryside
His Excellences:
– Gestalt techniques, powered by Neuro Linguistic Programming;
– Phobias Total Recovery: One Session forty Minutes Any Phobias’ Cure;
– Aditctions Total Recovery (Coca-Coach) Sixteen/thirtytwo-forty “one-hour” sessions
– Self-Confidence Treatment: NLP sessions on Self-Esteem, Public Speaking, Wellness.